Recirculating chillers, RC series

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Recirculating chillers, RC series
Termostaty oběhové Termostaty oběhové Termostat cirkulační s chlazením
Comprehensive range of robust re-circulating chillers delivering a constant flow of temperature-controlled liquid to provide powerful, regulated cooling at −10 °C for many types of industrial machinery and scientific apparatus. Suitable for circulation through open and closed systems.

  • Efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to cooling with mains water
  • Inbuilt safety features protect the user, equipment and application from over temperature, under temperature and flow failure
  • Digital controller for accurate and reproducible temperature setting. Display resolution 1,0 °C. User-selectable high and low temperature alarms
  • Useful TUNE facility enables automatic optimisation of the chiller’s closed-loop temperature control parameters to meet specific user requirements
  • Lockable wheels allow units to be moved around easily and ensure that they do not move when in use

Max. flow rate / max. pressure:
RC1400G, RC3000G: 15 l/min, 1,6 bar

Informace pro objednávání: Optional accessories include bypass to overcome flow restrictions (flow < 1 l/min), e.g. in narrow tubes or small cells, pressure gauge to assist with setting up cooling systems and monitoring performance. Priming reservoir to simplify priming in a closed loop system which has no filling port available on the RC inlet (not required for RC3000G). External probe for remote sensing temperature control. On request only, please specify when ordering as this requires modification to chiller. Rear connecting fittings (pair) for 9, 12 and 17 mm internal diameter hose sizes respectively.

Upozornení: Note: Cooling capacity at +20, 0 and -10 °C.

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