Baths and lids, stainless steel, ST series

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Baths and lids, stainless steel, ST series
Lázně Lázně vodní, nemíchané
Premium baths which are constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel for durability in demanding environments. Available in five sizes: 5, 12, 18, 26 and 38 litres to suit a wide variety of applications.

  • All baths are supplied with mounting bridge plate. Models of 12 litres and above have a mounting plate which allows the Optima™ thermostat to be orientated on the tank in two directions - ideal for optimising bench space
  • Baths of 12 litres and above feature a drain tap for easy emptying and can accommodate Grant C1G and C2G immersion coolers for operation at below ambient temperatures
  • Can be used up to 200 °C

Informace pro objednávání: All baths supplied without lid. Accessory lids are recommended when working above 60 °C and should be ordered separately.

A range of Grant plastic tanks is also available - please contact VWR for details.

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