Tricorn Empty Chromatography Columns

Dodavatel: Cytiva
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Tricorn Empty Chromatography Columns
Kolony chromatografické
Tricorn empty columns are for high resolution small-scale chromatography at pressures up to 50 bar (Tricorn 10) or 100 (Tricorn 5).

  • Versatile – designed for high resolution liquid chromatography on a small and medium scale (up to 47,6 ml bed volume)
  • High pressure stability – up to 50 bar (Tricorn 10) and 100 bar (Tricorn 5), for reproducible use and high flow rates
  • Broadly compatible – functions well with all Cytiva chromatography resins and most other commercial lab resins
  • Simple operation – integrated, snap-on design facilitates assembly, operation, and maintenance; separate packing connector simplifies packing
  • Shatter-resistant – glass tubes coated with plastic film minimize accidental column damage
  • Locking ring prevents accidental compression of resin bed

Twelve column types are available with inner diameter (i.d.) of 5 mm or 10 mm and lengths from 20 mm to 600 mm. The range of maximum bed volumes is 0,5 mm for the smallest column and 47,6 mL for the largest column.

Simple to use Valco™ fittings allow quick connection of Tricorn columns to ÄKTA systems. These empty chromatography columns are also compatible with other chromatography systems that have the appropriate pressure capacity.

To fill the empty column, you can use Tricorn Packing Equipment, which is a complete column packing set-up. Alternatively, you can purchase each packing component separately, so that you can choose a packing connector and glass tube to suit your application.

Tricorn Packing Equipment includes the Packing Equipment 5/50 (5 mm connector and 50 mm glass tube) or 10/100 (10 mm connector and 100 mm glass tube), EPDM (rubber) O-rings and bottom unit, cap, and stop plug.

Tricorn 5 and 10 Coarse Filter Kit is used for large volume/repeated loading of clarified sample. The kit is designed to reduce clogging risk in combination with capture resins (media). Both fine and coarse filter kits include top and bottom adapters, bottom filters, and EPDM O-rings (five of each).

Informace o príslušenství: The O-ring packing kit includes two 7 × 1 mm O-rings and two 12 × 1 mm O-rings.

Informace o dodávce: Each shipment includes a glass tube, adapter unit, end cap, filter kit, two stop plugs, two fingertight connectors, two M6 connectors, adapter lock, and filter holder. Separate packing connectors are available. The column packing equipment is sold separately.

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