Dialysis devices, ready-to-use, Float-A-Lyzer® G2

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Spectra/Por® Spectra/Por®, Float-a-Lyser®
734-1496EA 6000 CZK
734-1496 734-1495 734-3584 734-3574 734-2364 734-1497 734-1494 734-3579 734-2366 734-2368 734-3577 734-2367 734-2369 734-3583 734-3581 734-2370 734-3580 734-2365 734-3576 734-2606 734-3578 734-3582 734-3573 734-1499 734-3575 734-2363 734-1498
Dialysis devices, ready-to-use, Float-A-Lyzer® G2
Hadičky Hadičky dializační
Ready-to-use laboratory dialysis devices featuring proprietary Ultra-pure Biotech Cellulose Ester (CE) Membrane. Biotech Grade CE is a low protein-binding synthetic membrane available in 9 precise MWCO's with no heavy metal and sulfide contaminants. The cylindrical tubing geometry prevents sample dilution (associated with cassette-type devices) and provides open access for total volume retrieval by pipette. Only the Float-A-Lyzer® G2 assures a 95 to 98% sample recovery while maintaining 99% sample purity and <1% sample dilution. The leakproof screw-on cap with sealing o-ring provides easy access with included pipette for loading, in-process testing and sample retrieval, without the risk of needle punctures. The included floatation ring improves sample buoyancy and vertical orientation during dialysis. The sleek design allows multiple samples to be dialysed in the same reservoir.

  • Superior handling and leak prevention
  • Volume specific dilution control
  • Perfect for dialysing electro-eluted proteins or chromatography fractions

Balení: Individually wrapped (dry with glycerol)

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