Evaporation system, RapidVap® N₂

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Evaporation system, RapidVap® N₂
Odparky Centrifugační odpařování
An efficient, automatic evaporator system which can be used with a broad range of aggressive chemicals. In RapidVap N₂ systems, a stream of nitrogen or dry gas is directed downward onto the surface of the sample. Nitrogen blow-down reduces the partial pressure directly over the liquid to speed evaporation and help remove the solvent as it evaporates. Nitrogen may be programmed for 2, 4, 6 or all 8 tube locations. Vortex motion and dry heat may also be applied to further accelerate processing.

  • Fast evaporation rates; water evaporates at a rate up to 1,1 ml/minute/tube
  • Microprocessor controlled nitrogen blow down manifold introduces nitrogen to 2, 4, 6 or 8 individual sample tubes
  • Microprocessor controlled 1000 W dry block heating system up to +100 °C
  • Microprocessor controlled vacuum level speeds evaporation
  • Maintenance-free, microprocessor controlled motor provides smooth variable power to drive the vortex motion up to 500 min⁻¹

The block holds eight large samples, up to 450 ml each, making it efficient for environmental and residue testing. An accessory block that holds eight 170 ml tubes suitable for solid phase extraction is also available. In many of these applications, the samples should not go to dryness. The unique Cool-Zone™ block and tube design significantly reduces the evaporation rate after end point is achieved. The  Cool-Zone™ insulates the samples and allows the researcher adequate time before the samples reach dryness to remove them or to perform solvent exchange procedures.

- PTFE-coated aluminium chamber and sample block for 8 tubes of 600 ml (with 450 ml sample size)
- Glass lid
- Up to nine different user-set programs, each with different parameter set points, may be stored in memory
- Parameters of time, heat, vortex speed, vacuum may be set and number of active nitrogen positions may also be set
- Easy-to-read LCD display

Informace pro objednávání: Requires nitrogen (with a maximum flow rate of 0,6 CFM), gas pressure regulator and glassware. The RapidVap® N₂ evaporation system is also available with RS232 interface connection. Please contact your local Avantor sales office for details and also for details of the range of accessory blocks.

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