Ion selective electrodes and half-cells

Dodavatel: Mettler-Toledo
METT51107874EA 15170 CZK
METT51107874 METT51107688 METT51107695 METT51107873 METT51107694 METT51107692 METT51107676 METT51107673 METT51107675 662-2803 METT51107681 METT51089935 METT51107672 METT51107690 METT51107686 METT51107687 METT51107871 METT51107678 METT51107689 METT51107870 METT51107680 METT51107674
Ion selective electrodes and half-cells
Elektrody Elektrody ISE
These ion-selective half-cells (exception: Sodium-sensitive electrode) consist of two elements: a universal shaft and an ion-specific membrane module.

  • Available as half-cells (require external reference electrode) or as electrodes with built-in reference
  • Each ion-selective electrode (ISE) and each membrane module is tested wet-chemically
  • Each ISE is issued with its own serial number and quality certificate
  • Electrodes are filled with electrolyte and ready for use
  • Membrane kit comes with an identification ring (ID ring) and an adapter sleeve which will fit any METTLER TOLEDO titration stand

This module may be exchanged allowing users to measure the ion of their choice. They just need to order the membrane kit specific for that ion, mount the new module onto the shaft of the ISE half-cell, and they have a new ISE.

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