Dry evaporators, RapidVap® Vertex™ Dry

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LBCP7320030EA 331610 CZK
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Dry evaporators, RapidVap® Vertex™ Dry
Odparky Centrifugační odpařování
This evaporator speeds evaporation of up to 50 samples at the same time using dry heat and nitrogen blow down. Unlike water bath heaters, the dry block heater requires less maintenance, no distilled water or additives, and adds no potential source of contamination.

  • LCD with convenient touchpad allow easy programming of time and temperature
  • Up to ten different programs may be stored in the microprocessor for protocol consistency
  • Front-mounted pressure regulator with analog display of pressure from 0 to 45 psi in 2 psi increments
  • Temperature sensor probe for monitoring of block or sample temperature
  • Built-in exhaust fan with blower

The RapidVap evaporator is ideal for preparation of samples in a variety of applications including drug discovery, clinical analysis, environmental testing, agrochemistry, and forensic evidence processing.

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