Hollow fiber filter modules, MicroKros®

Dodavatel: Spectrum
SPECC02-E030-10-SEA 7310 CZK
SPECC02-E030-10-S SPECC02-S010-05-S SPECC02-E030-10-N SPECC04-S05U-05-P SPECC02-S010-05-N SPECC02-S010-05-P SPECC02-E300-10-S SPECC02-E100-10-S SPECC06-S500-05-N SPECC02-E005-05-S SPECC02-E005-05-N SPECC06-S500-05-S SPECC06-S500-05-P SPECC02-E500-10-N SPECC04-S050-05-N SPECC02-P20U-10-S SPECC02-E500-10-S SPECC04-S050-05-S SPECC06-S050-05-S SPECC02-E070-10-N SPECC04-S050-05-P SPECC02-P20U-10-N SPECC02-E100-10-N SPECC02-E070-10-S SPECC02-E300-10-N SPECC02-E300-05-S SPECC02-E100-05-N SPECC02-M10U-06-S SPECC02-M10U-06-N SPECC02-E300-05-N SPECC04-S010-05-N SPECC04-S010-05-P SPECC02-E050-05-N SPECC02-E500-05-N SPECC02-E010-10-N SPECC04-S010-05-S SPECC02-E050-05-S SPECC02-E500-05-S SPECC02-E100-05-S SPECC06-S05U-05-P SPECC02-E010-10-S SPECC02-S05U-05-P SPECC02-P20U-05-N SPECC02-P20U-05-S SPECC02-S05U-05-N SPECC02-S05U-05-S SPECC02-E010-05-S SPECC04-S500-05-N SPECC04-S500-05-P SPECC04-S500-05-S SPECC02-E050-10-N SPECC02-M20U-10-S SPECC06-S050-05-N SPECC02-E050-10-S SPECC06-S050-05-P SPECC02-E010-05-N SPECC02-M20U-10-N SPECC02-S500-05-S SPECC02-S500-05-P SPECC02-S050-05-N SPECC02-S050-05-P SPECC02-E030-05-S SPECC02-S050-05-S SPECC02-E030-05-N SPECC02-E070-05-S SPECC02-E003-05-N SPECC02-M20U-06-S SPECC06-S010-05-P SPECC06-S010-05-N SPECC02-E070-05-N SPECC02-E003-05-S SPECC06-S010-05-S SPECC02-S500-05-N SPECC02-M20U-06-N
Hollow fiber filter modules, MicroKros®
Filtry Tangenciální systém
Designed for gentle tangential flow filtration of small volumes ranging from 1 to 100 ml. MicroKros® modules are typically operated by a peristaltic pump, these devices also offer the unique advantage of manual operation for quick and convenient separations for small volumes.

  • 5 to 30 minute separations
  • Two modes: Pump operation and Manual operation
  • Gentle process for increased viability
  • 90 to 99% product purity and 85 to 95% product recovery

Informace o dodávce: The syringe accessory kit includes 10 × 5 ml syringes, 15 × male Luer cap, 10 × male Luer to 3/16" hose barb fitting, 5 × check valve, 10 × female Luer T connector.

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