Buffer, EDTA buffer solution pH 8,0 (0,5 mol/L)

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Buffer, EDTA buffer solution pH 8,0 (0,5 mol/L)
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EDTA is widely used for scavenging metal ion in biochemistry and molecular biology. Ion depletion is commonly used to deactivate metal-dependent enzymes, either as an assay for their reactivity or to suppress damage to DNA or proteins.

In tissue culture EDTA is used as a chelating agent that binds to calcium and prevents joining of cadherins between cells, preventing clumping of cells grown in liquid suspension, or detaching adherent cells for passaging. EDTA is also known to inhibit a range of metallopeptidases, the method of inhibition occurs via the chelation of the metal ion required for catalytic activity.

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is a concentrated stock solution and should be diluted appropriately with distilled, deionized water or equivalent to its final working concentration. This buffer consists of 0.5 M Trisodium EDTA at pH 8.0. Meticulously prepared using ultra pure reagents dissolved in highly polished pharmaceutical grade deionized water (DI) treated with diethyl pyrocarbonate (DEPC).

Upozornení: This product is for research use only and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic applications.

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