Membrane kit for dialysis tubing, Spectra/Por®

Dodavatel: Spectrum
SPEC132000EA 0 CZK
Membrane kit for dialysis tubing, Spectra/Por®
Hadičky Hadičky dializační
Spectra/Por dialysis kit features biotech grade regenerated cellulose (RC) dialysis tubing in threedifferent MWCO's and accessories required for a complete dialysis package.

Instead of guessing the MWCO, the membrane kit is the perfect solution for dialysis applications in which there is either a range of solute sizes or the solute size is unknown.

Informace o dodávce: Kit includes 1,5 meters of biotech RC tubing (6 mm flat width) in 3 MWCO's (3,5 to 5, 8 to 10, 20 kD), 7 Spectra/Por closures (3 standard, 3 weighted, 1 magnetic-weighted), 1 Spectra/Por dialysis reservoir (1800 ml) with stir bar.

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